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Windermere has developed a dental plan in cooperation with Delta Dental, America’s largest, most experienced dental benefits carrier. Open enrollment ends June 1st so get your application in today! Enrollment is simple, so if you would like to apply please click on the following links for the appropriate application.

Click here for dental plan flyer (PDF)

Enrollment Materials
Delta Dental
Delta Dental Enrollment Packet (PDF)

Dental Health Services - WA Only
Dental Health Services Enrollment Packet - WA only (PDF)

Submit to BCNW by:
Fax: (800) 861.3395
Email: healthplans@windermere.com

Click here for further eligibility information.

If you are interested in an alternative plan for dental benefits, then contact us because there are other options in select states. For immediate service call (1-866-755-5115) or email us at healthplans@windermere.com

Current Subscribers

2012 Delta Dental Benefit Booklet (PDF)

Windermere Dental Plan (100/70/50 PPO Plan) Monthly Rates:
Subscriber Only $49.52
Subscriber + Spouse $97.48
Subscriber + Child(ren) $105.19
Subscriber + Spouse +
  • Dental Plan Features
    • 100% Preventive benefits
    • 70% Basic benefits
    • 50% Major benefits (12 month waiting period)
    • $75 annual deductible (waived for Preventive benefits)
    • $1,500 maximum annual benefit per subscriber
    • To receive the maximum percentages shown above, you are required to access Delta Dental PPO dentists only. Coverage percentages decrease to 80/60/40 when you seek services outside the Delta Dental PPO network.
Washington Providers
Oregon Providers
California Providers
Idaho Providers
Montana Providers
Wyoming Providers
Utah Providers
Nevada Providers
Arizona Providers

  • Be sure to select PPO or DPO providers as appropriate to your state.

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